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5 Best Salad Recipes

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Starting your meal with a salad adds a healthy touch to the food you take, giving your organs an easier time digesting the components. Not many people might be aware of the fact that salads are being served both as starters and meals in many restaurants because fitness freaks and healthy eaters prefer such leafy vegetables and combinations to stay away from serious illnesses. Some salads may seem bland when prepared at home, mostly because you don’t know how to slice and spice them as the chefs do. Now that millions worldwide love salads and the taste it brings to the table, there is a high demand for the best recipes to make great salads. Let us look at some of the best salad recipes.

1.      Panzanella

If the sun has started blowing out hot winds over your city, you must be looking for some dainty foods that can serve your hunger well. Salads can be a great option, but not every variety could be of the same impact. However, Panzanella can add a special flavor to the platter in the summer with the Tuscan bread oozing out a memorable excess of delicious juices. No particular recipe is followed here, but bread and tomatoes have to be added regardless of the other ingredients you pick. A chilled glass of Prosecco can bring a new flavor to the whole meal to make for a satiating platter of veggies.

Watermelon, Olive, and Feta Salad

2.      Watermelon, Olive, and Feta Salad

This is the perfect option to go for during summer if you are looking for a variety of flavors. Your taste buds are sure to have a wonderful time detecting each item before letting it into your system. The melons, toasted pumpkin, feta cheese, and olives make this salad one of the all-time bests.

3.      Carrot Salad with Black Grape Dressing

Salad dressings are mostly made of natural products but filled with preservatives, making your meal less healthy. But you don’t need to be concerned about it since you have an alternative. You can make them at home with a few carrots and black grape dressing. This salad is also a refreshing take on the colors and taste of the traditional style.

4.      BBQ Potato Salad

Potato is the one vegetable that has an equal number of fans and haters. Although some people are not fond of the various dishes made from potatoes, they always like to have a tub of fries or wedges any day if they have the right dip. Similarly, this salad is surely a crowd-pleaser, with the cola-flavored BBQ sauce adding a tangy and spicy touch to the already crunchy mix. The highlighting factor of this salad should be a glass of your favorite drink, without which, the meal may seem incomplete.

5.      Thai Soybean in Cabbage Cups

This is one of the salads that not many foodies would have tried because it isn’t available all over the world. But you can make it at home now with a cup of soy granules, cabbage cups, and oriental flavors. The Thai Soybean salad is the perfect recipe for you if you are watching your weight.


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