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5 Types of Chocolate Cakes You Should Try

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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes are one of the most irresistible items that fall under the category of sweets and confectionaries. They have been beloved for centuries now that, over the years, bakers have found innovative methods to make the best cake. Ingredients are often searched online by the consumers right after gorging on the marvelous piece of chocolate cream and soft paradise. The aroma alone can allure you to bring a perfect treat on your table. To have a crowd-pleaser in your oven and then in your tummy is what anyone would want with the season of cakes arriving. Decadent chocolate cakes can make for a splendid Christmas eve or even great birthday parties. Chocolate sells any time of the year; so, you don’t need to find a special occasion to bake a cake. Let us look at some of the various types of chocolate cakes you must try.

1.      Chocolate Truffle Cake

Sinking your teeth into the multi-layered cake will fill your mouth with sponge and ganache. The rough coating of cream on top adds a unique flavor to the cake. Having to spend your special day without a cake would the last thing you want; getting a chocolate truffle cake will quell the craving for some cocoa on your palate. This is a must-try for any chocolate cake lover.

2.      Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake

Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake

There would be nothing better than a cup of coffee with chocolate sauces or added flavors. Hot chocolate can also give the same effect, but the cake we introduce here is the best of all. Sheer delight is exemplified with the coffee that blends with the chocolate in this baked wonder. Only the right amount of mocha is added to take you on a balanced journey across the lands of caffeine and cocoa. All coffee lovers will enjoy the moist texture of the Chocolate Mocha Bundt cake.

3.      Chocolate Rum Cake

Slurping a cup of rum mixed with chocolate, coffee, and maple syrup might taste weird, but this combination works in the form of a cake to create a burst of flavors on the taste buds. When savored with coffee and vanilla, the smooth layer of chocolate rum frosting gives you the perfect end to a stressful day. This is the right choice for your anniversary and dinner parties.

4.      Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

As a lover of sweets, you may find it outright outlandish to have something sour on the plate. However, your opinions are sure to change once you take a bite of this sour cream cake. If you are in a mood for something unique, this cake is a perfect choice. Birthday party surprises can also be enhanced by serving slices of the sour cream cake.

5.      Chocolate Lava Cake

By introducing one of the variations of chocolate cakes that became popular in the last few years, the lava cake brings you a small piece of joy with the moist surface and a leak of the creamy molten chocolate. Your rainy or cold days can be a lot better with a serving of the lava cake, especially if you have kids around.

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