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The market where you can spend hours experiencing mouth-watering delights. 

Call us: 936-334-9888 hours: 8am-9pm

Take a walk across the food store and explore a range of products that always form the appeal you need.

Let it all cool down with a cold drink as it satisfies your needs and helps you get through the temperature.

Delicious desserts that are always preferred by people to complete a happy meal that leaves a smile across their face.

Homemade cakes that bring in the touch of perfection and offer an effortless experience that you will love. 

Treats and other kinds of products that are closely associated with the process of helping you understand the need for satisfaction.

Taste our special Sandwiches and acknowledge our unique variety of services that tend to help you make the most of everything.

Our Gallery


Whether your a local who lives near buy or visiting our little town for a few day, we have something for everyone. We offer a wide range of groceries, from the ordinary everyday convenience fare to the items you'd only find in a health food store. We have the coldest beer in town and offer a fine selection of craft brews. We also have a wide variety of wines, cheeses and local bread.

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We want a special thanks to American Sign Company for making
a few custom signs and keeping our site live. This will keep things going. Also
to Junk Removal Springfield Mo for helping with the new site and cleaning up
everything that was left over for us to create the place just like we want it. We hope to keep things going in the new year.